grace and grit: empowering poetry

grace and grit: empowering poetry by nikki van ekerenNikki’s second book of poetry ventures into self empowerment and what it means to feel happy and fulfilled in the modern world.

She explores the power of the human spirit and its resiliency as she draws upon her own inner awakenings.

Nikki’s words promote the power of self love and how to practice this life changing habit.

Amazon Reviews:

I’ve read and reread this book in the week that I’ve had it. The author does an amazing job of weaving words together in a surprising way. The poems leave you feeling energized and reflective. Highly recommend! – Sassafras

It was so fun to read a book that left me thinking about my life, my decisions, and my intentions. Nikki’s words are so relatable and touching. It feels like each poem is talking directly to different parts of your life. This will be something I read over and over. – Matthew Van Ekeren

I have added this book to my morning inspirational reading time Its a wonderful way to start each day, filling my mind with empowering thoughts of self love. I have experienced some of my own inner awakenings.while reading these thought provoking poems. Thanks Nikki, for sharing your own personal journey and inspiring me to find the joy in my everyday experiences. – Karen S. Maccanell

Available exclusively on Amazon in digital and paperback format.