Perpetual Hell: A Memoir

Perpetual Hell: A Memoir by Wendy OthelloPerpetual Hell: A Memoir is my life story with a history lesson as a background for what I believe is a journey that began thousands of years before I was born.

I trace history back to ancient times before there was ever an America. Using historical events, I delve into the reality that has not only plagued African people but, all people of the world.

I don’t think being raised by and around whites usually has this kind of effect on people. It may have been my exposure to my real family that had some impact on how my thought processes developed over time. From an Army Brat to a foster child, I experienced two worlds. The white world and the black world in America. I wrote in a manner that would sear the pain of indignities I encountered into the mind of the reader. My passion pours out in my words. Finally, I hope to change the world with my writing. I use how whites make it clear to African Americans and anyone who is not white on the planet to send my message that is I use honesty.

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