Peaches, Pears, and an Apple Tree

Peaches, Pears, and an Apple Tree by Victoria Lauriente-HillebrandThis fictional coming of age tale, follows a nomadic girl and her adventures with her un-medicated mentally ill mother post Woodstock.

She navigates her life in new environments, and meets influential people along the way. She finds herself struggling with her journey to womanhood, while trying to accept her mother for who she is through abandonment, neglect, and the result of having an unstable parent.

It is a story about relationships with regards to trust, forgiveness, understanding and acceptance. In many ways, it is a love story. Or perhaps it is a story of love.

Amazon Review:

This story begins strong with a good hook and pulls the reader in wanting to hear more. I appreciate the adversity the main character faces as well as applaud her tenacity in facing her troubles. I’m not a book reviewer by any stretch, so take that with a grain of salt. I’m very glad to have read this book and hope to read more in the future. – Christina Stewart

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