ROSALIND: A Regency Romance

ROSALIND A Regency Romance by Jenny HamblyHe is determined to avoid marriage, she to despise men…

London 1818: Destitute, disillusioned and desperate, Lady Rosalind Marlowe sets the tongues of Regency London wagging when she becomes the Mayfair Thief. Targeting only those she knows won large sums of money from her father, bleeding him dry and causing him to take his own life, she decides to teach them a lesson. She takes something valuable from each, leaving her calling card with a bible quote behind her. On her last outing, she is caught red-handed. Her surprise that the old Earl had died and been succeeded by his handsome, much sought-after son, is only equalled by his amazement that the thief should be a young, beautiful lady of quality.

Bored, restless and guilt-ridden over the death of his own father and with his accusations of him being a selfish whelp still ringing in his ears, Lord Atherton heads off a bow street runner who is pursuing Rosalind and in an altruistic act he engages her to be a companion to his mother, leading her to believe he is making amends for his father’s actions. Unaware that he has become the target of enmity from a desperate gambler from whom he has won a large sum of money, they are thrown into a series of increasingly dangerous situations.

Her brave responses to danger in no way reflect the behaviour expected of a traditional sweet young lady and frequently clash with his increasing sense of responsibility towards her. Her resentment at his frequent disapproval is increased when she discovers he hired her under false pretenses. Recognizing that her own happy ever after is as far away as ever, her pride dictates that she must leave her position and the new-found warmth and friendship she has found in the Atherton household.

Will they manage to overcome both pride and prejudice to finally find happiness or will an unexpected letter from a solicitor drive a final wedge between them?

Amazon Reviews:

One of the main characters is a serial thief seeking revenge. Great concept that gets dropped prematurely. The romance between the hero and heroine unfolds naturally and leads to one of the best proposals ever written. Clean/sweet. Young adult? Christian? Well worth reading. – Kindle Customer

Some of the plot will make you think “I’ve read this before.” If so, it’s worth re-reading. Sweet, clean romance with bits of humor that help keep the story engaging. Perfect read with a cup of tea when you need something relaxing. – Rain23

I’ve been on a Pride and Prejudice variation kick and came across this. While not a P&P variation itself, it fell nicely in line and incorporated the story. An enjoyable read on a long Sunday afternoon. – Kindle Customer

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