Princess of Wind and Sea (The Princess of Nature Series Book 2)

Princess of Wind and Sea (The Princess of Nature Series Book 2) by Cassandra FinnertyIn 1773, the prince and princess travel across the globe on a series of secret missions.

Along the way, they run into unexpected dangers.

Aisling’s magical abilities are increasing, but dark forces who seek to destroy her powers are hunting them.

The prince must protect her at all costs, as they fight for survival and abiding love.

If you like fantasy, action-adventure and romance, you’ll love this novel by Cassandra Finnerty.

Amazon Reviews:

This adventure has just enough excitement and romance to make you forget where you are. Great read to curl up by the fire with or to read on the beach. Looking forward to seeing what happens in the next of the series! – Taylor Lawless

As a former tall ship crew member, Cassandra instantly takes me back to sailing on the Great Lakes. Aisling’s power extends past her wands, it’s her power of understanding the needs of others, her power of love, and her love of the sea. Cassandra is an amazing author and storyteller. – Patty

This is the first book I read before knowing about the others in the series. Diving right in there was adventure, and a discovering and uncovering of magical powers. I read this pretty quickly on a recent trip across the ocean. It kept my interest wanting to know what would be happening next! Great details and descriptions. I look forward to reading more from the series! – Jaclyn A. Ouillette

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