When I woke up this morning

When I woke up this morning by AlSayrBe careful what you pray for. Especially if it’s wisdom, you’re seeking.

Meet John. A Junior Pastor whose life is about to change. The attack against the Institutional Church by the forces of evil rises. John has uncovered several plots and conspiracies that have been underway since the Church began.

Promoted to Senior Pastor the trouble starts. A scandalous affair in the ministry. Anonymous emails hint at war with the supernatural world that has become physical. Discussions about Missing books of the Bible, giants, UFOs ensue.

The tactics of the enemy emerge — the tricks they use to destroy families and Churches. A portal opens over the Church. A possessed man attacks John on his way to the Minnesota wilderness. The plot continues to unfold as John fights for his life as well as the lives of friends and strangers he’s met along the way.

Everything that’s been hiding in the shadows begins to emerge until John is at the center of the war between good and evil. John meets the love of his life who is also a vessel for the Archangel Michael. When the Archangel Gabriel arrives, a plan is set into motion to restore the Church to its true roots. The battle between good and evil begins.

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