Mercy: A Short Story Collection

Mercy: A Short Story Collection by Kendal Lou DicksonThis short story collection features 10 different fiction stories: Awakening, Lifeline, A Simple Mistake, Broken Promises, Mercy, Rookie Mistake, Past Discretion, It Could Be Worse, Blood Snow, and Unexpected Loss.

Awakening: Two cousins take a hunting trip, only to find out there’s more than just deer hiding out in the forest.

Lifeline: A young man finds himself torn between suicide and a stranger’s promises.

A Simple Mistake: Inspired by the tragic death of Otto Warmbier, a college trip to Germany goes awry.

Broken Promises: A young woman comes home to her boyfriend, finding that her worst nightmare has come true.

Mercy: A longtime patient of a psychiatric hospital finds an unlikely ally in a young nurse.

Rookie Mistake: Against his best judgment, a teaching assistant decides to bring a student back to his house to sober up.

Past Discretion: A woman has to come to terms with her past while dealing with a man she used to know.

It Could Be Worse: A waiter decides to text the beautiful girl that left him her number and a hefty tip, which turns out to be possibly the worst decision of his life.

Blood Snow: A man flees from king’s outpost, abandoning the war, in an attempt to return to his young son.

Unexpected Loss: A man’s dog is at the veterinarian’s office for what is supposed to be a routine procedure when he receives an unnerving voicemail.

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