Ghost Medicine

Ghost Medicine by Andrew SmithThe summer before Troy Stotts turns seventeen, his mother dies.

Troy and his father barely speak, communicating instead by writing notes on a legal pad by the phone. Troy spends most of his time with his closest friends: Tom Buller, brash and fearless, the son of a drunk; Gabe Benavidez, smart enough to know he’ll never take over the family ranch; and Gabe’s sister, Luz, whose family overprotects her, and who Troy has loved since they were children.

Troy and his friends don’t want trouble. They want this to be the summer of what Troy calls “ghost medicine,” when time seems to stop, so they won’t have to face the past or the future.

But before the summer is over, their paths will cross in dangerous and fateful ways with people who will change their lives: Rose, a damaged derelict who lives with a flock of wild horses and goats; and Chase Rutledge, the arrogant sheriff’s son.

Troy and his friends want to disappear. Instead, they will become what they least expect —brothers, lovers, heroes, and ghosts.

Amazon Reviews:

An epic tale with characters where attachment is inevitable. Read it very quickly because I never wanted to put the book down! I am not a habitual reader, so it takes a good book to keep my attention. Loved this book and would recommend to anyone and everyone. – M. Cobos

From the first page this book commands attention, hinting at enough adventure and drama to hook reluctant readers in such a lyrical way that the most literary of readers wouldn’t be turned off either: the perfect blend of compelling characters, strong narrative voice and coming of age turmoil. – Nora M. Rawn

I highly recommend this book. I was highly intrigued and it gets your heart pumping. It left me thinking about it for several days and earned it’s well-deserved and hard-to-get place in my favorites library. It is worth every cent. – hunter24

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