Running with a Wounded Heart

Running with a Wounded Heart (Revised Edition) by Stephen MorleyThe author’s story of how he took up running late in life in order to get fit, had a heart attack during a race, his road to recovery and return to running and his attempt to achieve a personal best marathon time.

As well as describing the author’s own experiences, the book deals with goal setting, obsession with racing and the mental aspects of running. It also covers practical subjects like diet and training for older athletes and people with heart conditions.

This updated and revised edition brings the reader up to date with the authors running progress.

Amazon Reviews:

A beautifully written factual account of one mans return from a wounded heart. Knowing the author and his determination to turn things around I highly recommend you read this book well done Stephen. – Mark Pattenden (from

Being an ex athlete and suffering a heart attack in the past, the book resonated some of the dilemmas that I went through. I think Steve’s book is a inspiration to those who have suffered cardiac problems, and proves that an active life is still possible. – Cocoaloco (from

I have really enjoyed reading Running with a wounded heart. What an inspiring story! Steve’s experience with running is very relatable, from the dog owners who can’t control their dogs to the strange thoughts one gets on a run like he did about the horse. Steve manages to narrate a rather serious experience with humour and light heartedness making the message easy to swallow. This is a book about running but can be applied to any aspect of life where one finds themselves having to start again. His commitment to running is admirable and very impressive yet humble particularly in how he has shared his struggles. The book highlights the importance of persistence especially when things get difficult. I also liked how Steve found friends to support him with his running, there is a lot to be said about finding a good support system to help with attaining a goal. I highly recommend the book as a fellow runner, well perhaps more like a “jogger” to anyone who is looking for inspiration! – Jessie (from

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