The Forgotten Note: Book I Adventures of The Para Club Gang

The Forgotten Note: Book I Adventures of The Para Club Gang by Anna MayfairA page-turner with mystery, suspense, and ghosts!

A thriller tale of San Franciscan students who discover an old, hidden note from a Nazi soldier in Paris.

Young, beautiful, and psychic Annette Kings tries to have a normal college life until the day she buys a vintage suitcase in the wine country which is mysteriously connected with her haunting dreams of Paris in the Nazi era.

What Annette uncovers leads her thirteen-year-old nephew Ivan, and his buddies into a dangerous journey filled with horrific scenes throughout Europe.

What did the note say? Why are those symbols so hideous? Who were these lovers?

Two brilliant stories are weaved into one, as the past comes into the present, in this historical fiction of fantasy, romance, and terror. Enjoy the diversity of the characters as they figure out ancient symbols and clues in haunted castles with their humor and gastronomic experiences. A true page-turner for young adults and old alike that will keep you connecting the dots through the twists and turns, up until the surprise finale when you learn the fate of the WWII Jewish lovers.

Check out this exciting novel from a new author, and be prepared for an emotional ride by the author’s imaginative tale.

Amazon Reviews:

Great book! Many twists and turns. Keeps you guessing until the end. Lovable characters. – Gail Roth

Intriguing, suspenseful, masterfully weaving fact and fiction, humor and drama, San Francisco and France. – Amazon Customer

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