Inevitable by C.J. PetitLin Chase was aptly named as he’d chosen the profession of bounty hunter.

This chase was to apprehend or kill the notorious Whitacre brothers and he was getting close. They were just a few hours ahead of him now after more than a week and a half of tracking.

He was the best at what he did and had never even felt the bite of a bullet and didn’t expect this to be any different. But it wasn’t the Whitacre brothers that would cause the enormous shift in his life. That would come two days later.

Amazon Reviews:

CJP has penned a bounty hunter western which takes place in Wyoming around 1870. A departure from his regular route home leads him to be introduced to a blue eyed woman. The blue eyes woman and the women of Two extended families are kidnapped. The hunt is on. This is an excellent read for the genre. – Don & Sheila

I have read every book C J Petit has written so far, and I have thoroughly enjoyed each and everyone of them. They are bad language free, and always a great read. The only thing I can say negative about Mr Petits books, is that he just can’t write them as fast as I can read them. Mr Petit all kidding aside, I think you are one of the best Western Authors I’ve had the pleasure of reading. Keep up the good work!! – Ed

I was really excited to find a new CJ Petit western. I have read all of his books. The books are intriguing. The characters and plots keep me reading. I like reading his books because they are always well written and never boring. Evil shows itself in Petit’s books,, but goodness stands strong. The characters are realistic; they make me want to meet them! Thanks, CJ Petit for your great stories & goodness prevails! – Wendy Ireland Potter

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