Saloons at Sunset (The Chronicles of Elmer Capshaw Book 1)

Saloons at Sunset The Chronicles of Elmer Capshaw Book 1In the West nearly all the men could shoot whether they were a farmer, a banker, a lawyer or a butcher.

Elmer was none of these. He was a street tough brawler and an investigator that uncovered injustice and fought for what is right. Sometimes justice had to work outside of the law and that is just what Elmer was, he was Outside Justice.

Amazon Reviews:

A true western story! Any one that likes western stories has to love this down to earth tale. – M. Barry

Good. Yarn. Very entertaining. Kept me occupied. For an hour. Or so. Nice way to relax. After. Supper. Thank. You. Very very. Much. – Kindle Customer

…a fun read and different than you think it’s going to be. The authors telling of the book at the end was great, I hope he keeps going. – the horseman

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