His Mate – Howl’s You Doin’?

His Mate - Howl's You Doin'? - Book 1: Paranormal Romantic Comedy by M L BriersWelcome to the His Mate world of Comedy Romance that’ll make you howl with laughter.

Bree is the kind of witch that will throw caution to the wind and try any spell once. Unfortunately, once is enough in this case when she unleashes a spell that brings the wolves to the door – literally.

The alpha is going about his business when all hell breaks loose around him. There are witches on pack land, every single male wolf shifter wants a sniff of them, and mating is in the air, but who will be wooing who?

Bree and Maxi have no intention to make life easy for the alpha or his pack. Become a mate to a wolf shifter – not likely.

The hunt is on for a lovesick wolf that’s gone walkabout in town, a sarcastic vampire is stirring the oversized cauldron full of trouble and mischief, and an elder witch shows up to berate the witch that has stolen her spell.

Throw in a whole heap of zapping and wooing and you have a laugh out loud romantic comedy to howl about.

Amazon Reviews:

I really enjoyed this book. I love romances that make you laugh. Makes my husband look at me like I have lost my ever loving mind when I just start laughing til I cry from reading. – Maggie Caudill

Can’t wait for the next one. Love the New cover art and as always plenty of laughing going on I h ave read every one of her books and have enjoyed all of them. – Sheila Landaverde

Great quick read with many laugh out loud moments. Can’t wait for the next book hope it’s out soon. – Lee004

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