Strong Within: The Christian Woman’s Guidebook for Nurturing Self-Love and Personal Power

Strong Within: The Christian Woman’s Guidebook for Nurturing Self-Love and Personal Power by Bozena ZawiszRealize greater self-love and personal power.

·Explore your perception of a Christian woman’s identity

·Learn empowering “Christian psychotherapy” coping strategies

·Redefine your relationship with your body

·Apply Christian examples of mindfulness to your everyday life

·Transform personal/social/historic restrictions that impact your self-esteem

Strong Within: The Christian Woman’s Guidebook for Nurturing Self-Love and Personal Power will help you to address the most commonly encountered personal, social, and historic challenges that women face on daily basis, against the background of an empowering exploration of the Genesis account of Adam and Eve.

Each chapter will give you a fresh perspective on themes that are relevant to women’s everyday lives and Christian identity, such as how you experience your self-worth, relationships, or life’s purpose. Each chapter’s exercises and reflections will guide you in transforming your beliefs, thoughts, and feelings, to stay STRONG WITHIN!

Start your personal transformation today!

Editorial Reviews:

“Zawisz’s work is for any woman seeking a book designed exclusively to uplift, empower, and encourage self-reflection. I would recommend this book to any Christian reader or any woman looking to explore Eve’s story and better understand her own struggles…” – Literary Titan

“Zawisz provides a fresh viewpoint and in-depth insight with regard to the role played by the woman in society and the family, from a Christian perspective…” – Readers’ Favorite

Amazon Reviews:

“Strong Within” is well-written and is, indeed, very insightful. This isn’t a simple, feel-good book for women. Bozena has done her research well and includes a lot of poignant findings from historical theologians and artists. There’s plenty of Scripture, too, so this isn’t a light gloss on Christianity. It’s a solid book to study and learn from. It also has application in the form of end-of-chapter exercises. I recommend it for any reader – female or male – who digs a little deeper into their identity as a woman or man. – Rev. Stephen R. Wilson

Strong Within is more than a study guide about the first woman. Bozena Zawisz clears up the thoughts expressed about Eve and how to break free from this oppressive view. Through poetry, teaching, and scripture the author brings the reader to a stepping point where they can decide and think closely about the freedom they have in their life. The author is a strong believer in women having the strength to make wise and important decisions without the woman becoming so formidable that they run everyone over in their path. – JoJo Maxson

This book is clearly intended for Christian women who need some guidance on how to empower themselves and how to reclaim their own bodies. However, I think that anybody who is seeking some guidance will benefit form this book. Even Jewish and Muslim ideologies have the story of Adam and Eve if with slight differences. And the role of the women in these two religions is similar. So, taking aside the religious part, this book has some good advice and guidance into thinking for yourself and how to slowly break a cycle of striving to please others while neglecting yourself (I’m certainly guilty of that). – J Armstrong

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