Love Without a Limit: Dimes, Profiles and Wives Book 2

Love Without a Limit: Dimes, Profiles and Wives Book 2 by Toya Raylonn VickersIn this second book of the series Dimes, Profiles and Wives, the ladies return still striving to become Proverbs 31 good wives in today’s world.

Even though they finally have the men they have been praying for it seems they still can’t get their lives together.

They want to have love without any limitation but don’t realize there is only one who can give them that kind of love: God the Father.

Will Tracey, the dime piece, stop her whorish ways?

Will Sharon, the profiler, end her masquerade?

Finally, will Destiny, the girl next door find her peace during the storm?

Find out in Love Without a Limit, a story of reconciliation, redemption, and restoration.

Editorial Review:

“Meet the passionate, educated and spirited women who want it all – and of that includes meeting the one man that will be faithful and love them for whom they are and not what they can bring to the table. Will they experience trials and tribulations even with finding their soul mates? And how will these women be able to push through the barriers? Readers will delve into what really drives their ambitions and most importantly whom is the real sustainer beyond the men they love.

Authored by a phenomenal literary talent who you will want to familiarize yourself with her gifted first-person voice of narrative. Her characterizations are sure to have you laughing out loud and teary eyed as it culminates in pulling at the heart-strings of emotions.”

– Tonya Brown Rivers, Author Renewal to Passion and Caitlin’s Wings

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