The Big Cheese Festival

The Big Cheese Festival by S. Jackson and A. RaymondIn ‘The Big Cheese Festival’, we meet Stubby Mouse and his family and friends.

We learn that Stubby Mouse has a secret, that he is being bullied by another mouse, simply because his tail is short.

Read how Stubby Mouse stood up for himself, and how he ended the bullying, in this delightful story for children.

Targeted at ages 4-8, the book is easy to read and perfect for home or classroom. Children learn how bad bullying is, and what they can do to help stop bullies!

Stubby Mouse encourages children to take a stand against bullies, and always be kind to each other. This story illustrates how everyone is different and unique, and it is a delightful read with adorable and eye catching cute illustrations for both children and adults.

Take a stand against bullying today!

Amazon Reviews:

The book is geared for a young audience, but the message applies to everyone – bullying is unacceptable. You have to stick up for yourself and you’ll be amazed at the results – others will be inspired when you do. Read it to my grandson. – Jan Romes

This is a cute book with an important message for all about bullying, something there is too much of. This book with it’s cute pictures is a great tool for parents to use to talk to their kids about bullying. It is also a good book for kids to read to understand why bullying is wrong and how you can stand up against it. well done. – P.S. Winn

A poignant book that every parent needs for their children. Our kids need to know how to handle difficult people and situations like bullying. This book gives them the confidence and insight to be prepared. My four year old was engaged by the story, and I feel proud that I helped teach him valuable tools with this book. – vicki drane

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