Mantra-6: Brimstone

Mantra-6: Brimestone by Russel HutchingsJohn Devereaux, an SAS Warrant Officer, is seconded to the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS).

Devereaux is handed a mission that will test him to his very core. The mission – Infiltrate into Cambodia via parachute from 37000 feet in the dead of night and assassinate two high value targets.

Unbeknown to Devereaux, the Director-General of ASIS, Magnus Webb, is testing Devereaux for a far more important role – as the head of an off-the-books clandestine cell buried deep inside ASIS and known only as MANTRA-6.

From the jungles of Cambodia to the streets of Sydney and Bangkok – to the secretive dens of Moscow and the extravagant French Riviera, explosive SAS and ASIS action uncovers a shadowy and powerful organization that brings us face to face with the Russian Mafia.

– Devereaux’s mission has just begun –

Amazon Reviews:

This is a ripper of a book, I couldn’t put it down. Fast paced while maintaining intrigue. The author has used his deep knowledge and real life experience to bring us into the world of special operations personnel and how they work closely with our intelligence services to get the job done. Rarely do we get such a clear picture of dangers they face and the resourcefulness required to achieve their objective. Really looking forward to the next book in this series. – Jon Gorton

Although fiction, the book highlights the issues and problems faced in the real world by governments and security agencies all over the world to counter and address organised crime. Focusing on these issues faced everyday, makes the story believable and the reader want to cheer Devereaux and Mortimer Acquisitions on in their fight. The writer also manages to make the characters realistic by highlighting strengths and weaknesses as people would typically experience in the real world. But it never gets overly emotional and there can be no doubt that action is the crux of the book. – sach

This is a fast-paced novel that had me engaged from beginning to end. I felt like I was right there alongside John Devereaux, parachuting in with him, sitting in the passenger seat as we hurtled at breakneck speeds, or ducking for cover as bullets ricocheted off the road nearby. What made this all the more interesting is that Russel Hutchings is himself a former Australian SAS Warrant Officer, so the scenarios painted in this novel come from a long experience in one of the finest special forces units in the world. – Keith M.

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