Johnny Gora

Johnny Gora by John GoodaleHave you ever had your life fall apart, or felt you were on the verge of oblivion and wonder if there were any glimmers of hope ahead?

If you’re human, its likely that has happened to you at least once. During those times, it may seem like nothing good will ever come your way again.

John Goodale felt that way. In his memoir, Johnny Gora, Goodale tells how he watched his entire life crumble. His story begins with growing up in a middle-class home and then embarking on a life of self-delusion, booze and rock n roll in a vain attempt to become a rock star. As that dream died, John found himself in a failed marriage that tore his whole life apart. But when life was at its lowest, he met a new woman, his future wife, and embarked on a humorous crash course in a culture and tradition he grew up around but never really understood.

Johnny Gora shows that humor can be found even when things seem the darkest. It may be difficult to see at the time, but as Goodale shows, distance can provide insight into all life’s experiences.

Amazon Reviews:

I really enjoyed reading this book, found it an easy read and very humorous. The couple must really love each other. A good glimpse into another culture that I have always wondered about. Thanks for that. – weeone (

Johnny Gora is a fun book, quick to read, and gives you a humorous glimpse into how our perceptions of other cultures can affect falling in love. – Ryan Fan Club (

I’m a sucker for the well turned descriptive phrase, and this book has them sprinkled throughout keeping me happily smirking. Johnny Gora is introspective, showing how a man who’s made some unfortunate choices and who’s had life deal out a few, has learned from it all. He admits his mistakes, and though he refuses to go down the pathway of revealing every pulsating moment of angst and despair, you know that this man lived through a very dark time. The rabbit scene was especially poignant. What John does have going for him is sheer determination, a strong work ethic and the decision to try to climb out of the mess he’s found himself in. – Sylvie D. Parris (

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