Black Pudding Murder: Introducing the Fog Busters Detectives: Young at Heart – A Bit Older in Body

Black Pudding Murder: Introducing the Fog Busters Detectives: Young at Heart – A Bit Older in Body by Stephanie Parker McKeanWhen aging friends form a detective agency in their Scottish village, their likelihood of success seems dubious.

One is blind, two have hearing problems, one uses a crutch—and the two youngest members are from America, not Scotland.

Dubbing themselves the Fog Busters, the friends vow to solve a murder that local police have labeled as Death by Misadventure. Indeed, misadventure seems to follow the Fog Busters when the killer attempts to stop them from investigating.

Add in a lost treasure of rare Scottish coins, a false prophet, a string of house breakings and dog nappings, and a dog fighting ring—and the Fog Busters have the recipe for laughter and danger. With four unattached members of their group, they also have a chance at romance. But do they have the ability to solve the string of crimes that haunt their small village—and will all of them survive throughout the investigation?

Amazon Reviews:

Over the hill but not under it, this odd mix of elderly friends for a club of sorts to solve what they suspect is a crime. Lots of twists, turns and confusion as they weave and wobble their way to solving a string of murders. – Roger

This is a book with unique characters and several mysteries to solve. There is no graphic violence or disturbing sex scenes. I thoroughly enjoyed it. – B J

I’ve been reading cosy mysteries for years. But this is the first one written for the baby boomers generation. Yes, the characters are older, but they’re totally believable. And it’s lovely to read a book with older people as the main characters. I thoroughly enjoyed this book; it kept me guessing until the last page. I will definitely be reading more of Stephanie’s books. – fabulouschrissie

This book has been my bedtime reading for the past week and it’s been a delightful way to end the day. With a chaotic cast of senior citizens in various stages of ‘disrepair’, it romps its way through a Scottish coastal town in which unexplained murders provide the focus. The old folk, of whom the youngest are the ‘young’ and still sprightly sixty year old Susan and Rory, team together and match their investigative powers with blindness, loss of hearing and disabilities, calling themselves the Fog Busters. As with all Ms McKean’s books, the story is lively, a bit whacky and full of red herrings and loose threads that finally, somehow, meet at the end. There is also some touching romance, unexpected in a book with such an elderly mix of heroes and heroines. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am glad to say I was surprised by the ending. A charming story and a good mystery too. What more could one want to de-stress from a long day? – Bargee

A group of seniors forms an investigation team when a friend dies under mysterious circumstances. They find evidence of foul play, but the police are not interested, having already assigned it to death by misadventure. It’s a very British comedic cozy mystery. Their investigation suddenly becomes dangerous to more of the seniors, and they are not having it. There are some very wacky characters, one who is blind but sees with his ears, one who cannot hear properly and always mixes up words, and one who cannot talk properly and puts in ridiculous words when she can’t think of the right one. It’s kind of crazy and mixed up, but sweet as well. I liked it. – Sandy Penny

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