I Belong with Her

I Belong with Her by Domina AlexandraTajel Pierce loves the thrill of being a paramedic. Every call she goes on gives her a rush. She makes no time for a personal life. No one can ruin her love for her career.

Then there is Arianna Castaldi, who just transferred to her new paramedic position in a whole new state. All she needs is a new start without any distractions.

Arianna and Tajel’s relationship doesn’t start off perfect. Embarrassed of the one night stand Arianna believes she had with Tajel, she wants to pretend they never met and make their relationship strictly business.

The only choice they have to keep from strangling each other is to go from denying their feelings to accepting them as they work through intense 911 calls.

Amazon Reviews:

“I Belong with Her” has all the elements of a good First Responder lesbian romance. Two women, one a brown eyed Lation, the other with grey eyes and long black hair. Both beautiful, both trained paramedics, and both with family issues. How they come together and find a lasting love is nicely woven with moments of excitment and tragedy. This book will satisfy readers who like good sex and happy endings. – Lisa R. Smith

I really enjoyed this novel. I liked the characters, even though they initially seemed young to me, younger than late 20s. The surrounding cast of characters was large so the book provides a lot of insight into our two main characters, Arianna and Tajel, through their interactions with everyone. The novel starts off inauspiciously, but it’s a fun read seeing the two women interact. I thoroughly enjoyed the backdrop of the paramedic station because it colored the story with action and danger, as well as portraying strong, capable women in nontraditional occupations. (Those experiences evidently haven’t changed much since my own experience in a trade.) Anyway, this book had all the elements of a good story for me. I thought it would end earlier than it did, but I’m glad for the extra chapters – that was a better ending and ultimately more satisfying for this reader. – KLH

I enjoyed the character development and the pace of the novel. I’m a sucker for a story about women in uniform and this novel delivered. I’m looking forward to hearing more about the main characters Tajel and Arianna as well as the supporting cast Danielle and Sasha. Last, I enjoyed reading about the paramedic station and the mundane and dangerous experiences that could happen. – Arden

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