Out of Darkness (War of the Sisters Book 1)

Out of Darkness War of the Sisters Book 1Lilith, light and ice; Asherah, darkness and fire.

Together they created the Earth and all its inhabitants, and together they slept.

Apart they may destroy it all.

Amazon Reviews:

I was swept into the story quickly. It was difficult to put it down at all, which is the mark of a great book. The writing is beautiful and the story it weaves kept me engrossed throughout.

I loved this moody book, try it. – Sherry

It isn’t often these days that I feel like I am pulled into a story, but Out of Darkness tugged on my emotions in an unexpected way. I give it the highest recommendations and I am impatient for the next book! – Zethara

I haven’t read a book in years and I’m glad that this book was my 1st read in a long long time! I love a good book that keeps me interested in what is going to happen next! I highly recommend this book and the Author really did an amazing job. I’m definitely looking forward to the 2nd book that follows this one. – Robby

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