Indigo: A Paranormal Mystery (Violet Book 2)

Indigo: A Paranormal Mystery (Violet Book 2) by Elaine SnyderA stranger on a corner, watching. A match lighting up a face. A woman determined to get revenge. Violet saw it all, through their eyes.

She experiences their fears, their grief, and their anger, but only for a few moments at a time. After that, she is left to discover the reasons why she has the visions. Though she is a school teacher by trade, Violet is a psychic, and now her teenaged son, Daniel, is too.

Violet’s visions can often be intrusive, but one particular connection to a grief-stricken mother becomes overwhelming, and Violet isn’t certain what to do. Every person she “sees” needs help, but this time Violet falters as she first witnesses what she believes is a murder, and then several rescues. She isn’t sure of the course she should take, and then a dangerous old high school acquaintance returns to town, followed by a series of terrifying events for Violet’s whole family.

Violet must solve the mystery of both her visions and a threat close to home if she wants to save her marriage, her home, and her own life.

Amazon Review:

This book was so worth the wait! Violet and her family are interesting trying to just live their normal lives, but add in her and her son Daniel’s psychic abilities and their world is beyond interesting!! Can’t wait for more! – Anna Kreckel

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