Far Away Hills (Rita’s story Book 1)

Far Away HillsLife is a journey, some lives become much longer journey’s, whether that be physical distance, or emotional challenge. This book is the opening to a series recounting one such highly-eventful life.

Our journey begins in the back streets of Glasgow just before the turn of the 20th Century and culminates in the Canadian prairie wilderness. This tale will take you on a roller coaster of emotions, and have you reaching for the tissues, as you read about the grit and determination that one family needed to try to make their way in life, despite all of the odds against them.

“Far away hills look green Sal”, but they still had to try.

Amazon Reviews:

The book was very good. The character development was excellent. I enjoyed the fantastic detailed descriptions of everything. – Jackie Bennett (Amazon.com)

Strange but sad story of hardships and death. Even ended strange. It seemed that this particular family had more than their share of pain and unhappiness. – Kindle Customer (Amazon.com)

A family’s struggle both emotional and physical as they fight to better their lot, from the slums of Glasgow to the icy blasts in the prairies of Canada. A very enjoyable read, sad to have finished it and can’t wait for the next book. – Frankie Boy (Amazon.co.uk)

The last time I read an entire novel at one sitting was when I bought this in paperback. Strong characters are well-drawn, the locations are brought to life, and the pace is just right for the story. I’ll be buying the Kindle version in time for my next holiday. Highly recommended. – Amazon Customer (Amazon.co.uk)

An excellent read, roller coaster of emotions is an accurate description. However we are in late 19th century Glasgow, a very harsh place to live. My Grandmother was born in Glasgow in 1910 and the stories contained here match her descriptions of growing up back then. I look forward to Book 2. – G. D. Darroch  (Amazon.co.uk)

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