Forsaken (Forlorn Book 2)

Forsaken (Forlorn Book 2) by Gina DetwilerHe was forsaken but not forgotten.

Nine months have passed since Grace Fortune saw the boy she loves, Jared Lorn, die before her eyes. But Grace’s suspicions have her wondering if Jared is really dead. Along with her friends, she sets out to find answers, and the investigation leads to an unexpected place: Silo City, an abandoned silo complex that houses as many dark secrets as it does forsaken people.

Very much alive, Jared’s on a mission to save the girl he loves by collaborating with the enemy—a young, brash rock star named Lester Crow who fronts the punk metal band Blood Moon. Jared’s “deal with the devil” will take him on a cross-country journey into the heartland of darkness. The music of Blood Moon is a weapon against God, and Jared must wield this weapon while trying desperately to preserve his mind and soul from its power.

Jared and Grace are desperate to be reunited, but first, they must defeat the demonic forces arrayed against them. And pray that Jared, a Nephilim forsaken in God’s eyes, has a chance at a future.

Amazon Reviews:

I was not sure what to expect from this sequel but this book surpassed all my expectations. I could not put it down! Grace and Jared’s story is exciting and engaging. The pushes and pulls of good versus evil, angels versus demons are apropos to the struggles of todays YA. God works in mysterious ways and this story shows that. Next?? – Robert E Nesslin

Forsaken is unlike any other book I have ever read (other than Forlorn) and it is remarkable how much emotion, love, trust, and forgiveness the author puts into this incredible book. It really shows God’s never ending love and the unfailing trust that you can put in God. This book is full of adventure and conflict but it has a much deeper message that is perfect for anyone who knows God or would like to learn more about him. A SOLID FIVE STARS from me. – H. Nelson

Another great book by Gina Detwiler. She has a wonderful way of bringing diverse characters to life. She also has a knack for exposing the subtleties of evil and making you aware of the spiritual battle that surrounds us everyday.
I highly recommend this book for young adults and any one who knows one. It’s also great if you are from Western New York and you know anything about grain elevators and silo’s. A lot of the action takes place in these 100 year old structures on the Buffalo river front. Very cool setting. – Annie Mc

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