No True Justice: Witness Protection 2

No True Justice: Witness Protection 2 by H. L. WegleyThe Witness Protection series can be read in any order. They forced her into witness protection, not to protect her, but to silence her.

After testifying in a high-profile case, Gemma Saint, a young intern at an influential media outlet, is forced into WITSEC by corrupt DOJ officials to silence her. When Gemma’s testimony at a retrial threatens their elaborate conspiracy to control the upcoming presidential election, Gemma learns from her WITSEC Inspector her identity was compromised and someone in the DOJ has sent a team to kill her.

After her Inspector is shot, Gemma sees only one chance to survive and resume her old life–expose the conspiracy, completely. She seeks help from Lex James, a young investigative journalist. Gemma offers him the biggest story of his career. But Lex was recently given custody of his deceased sister’s four-year-old, twins, Josh and Caleb.

Sparks fly when Lex and Gemma meet, and the boys see their mother in her. But can she endanger this fragile family? Can she run away, sacrificing her life and the course of her beloved country? Lex has difficult choices, too. But the highly gifted boys, Josh and Caleb, have their own opinion about what should happen.

Set in the beautiful Central Oregon desert near Lake Billy Chinook and Crooked River Ranch, No True Justice, from award-winning author H. L. Wegley, is clean, high-action romantic suspense at its best. A story with chills, thrills, love, and laughter.

Amazon Reviews:

I enjoyed this book with the suspense and humor. You will laugh at the antics of the kids and enjoy the twists and turns the story takes. – NG

What a thrilling roller coaster ride of danger. Mr. Wegley writes truly excellent suspenseful love stories. Once I started this book, I couldn’t put it down. Well written and engaging from the first paragraph. Kudos for a superb book. Highly recommend. I received a copy from the author. Opinions are my own. – Robin Bunting

As always, Wegley takes a political fiction read and brings in just the right amount faith and romance to keep me turning the pages! Totally loved Gemma! What courage! Lex…yeah, he’s a keeper and those twins! Josh and Caleb were adorable on top of being totally smart! Put these four characters together and you have a winner of a read! You’ll want to read the whole series even if they are standalones! I was given an ARC of this book by the publisher. All thoughts and comments are my own! – R. H.

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