Immortal Consequences

Immortal Consequences by Steven SterupWhen Kal Johnson, an immortal gargoyle, is attacked by an ancient vampire and framed for the murder of a human his quiet life is thrown into chaos.

But the universe, with its perverse sense of humor, has decided that now would be the perfect time for the punch line. Kal’s human wife, Brianna, has done the impossible. She is the first human in history to become pregnant with a gargoyle’s child.

This vampire is stronger and more cunning than any he has fought. The wife he adores and the child he never hoped for give Kal something he has never had before, a weakness. Can Kal stop this ancient vampire before it takes everyone he loves? Taking his wife and child might accomplish what no vampire has ever been able to do. It might be enough to defeat the immortal Kal.

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