Dead Calm: The Coastal Suspense Series Book 1

Dead Calm The Coastal Suspense Series Book 1She’s a feisty, ex-U.S. Marshal, he’s a cranky veteran detective, together they’ll make one hell of a team in the sweltering, mosquito-filled swamps of Florida.

Skylar Reid has spent her entire career hunting down fugitives as part of the country’s most elite task force. After losing her fiancé in a tragedy six-months prior, it sent her world into a spin and caused her superiors to slam the brakes on. Now with the big city in the rearview mirror, and the quiet Panhandle town of Carrabelle in her sights, Skylar takes a position as an investigator for the local sheriff’s office and partners with an aging detective.

Within days, Skylar is at odds with the powers at be when the dead body of the chief medical examiner is pulled from a mosquito-filled swamp and deemed a suicide, but she’s not convinced. Though quick to dismiss her as a loose cannon, her partner soon agrees when the investigation takes a dangerous turn in a new direction. But can she prove it was murder?

Everyone thinks the sunshine state is beautiful. What if it’s not?

Amazon Reviews:

Hard to put the book down. I loved the plot and story line and can’t wait to read the next coastal suspense series book. The detective work was really well done. I like Skylar and she is one tough lady. – Lynn Livingston

I found this to be a very enjoyable and fast moving book. It held my attention and didn’t get bogged down in too much detail. I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who likes a fast paced mystery. I will be looking forward to the next book in this series. – William Miller

Really enjoyed the first book in this series! Easy, enjoyable read with lots of excitement. Moving from NYC policewoman and then US Marshall’s Service to Florida Panhandle as a member of the Franklin County Sheriff’s office is quite an adjustment and shock for for Skylar. She is a bit of a loose cannon and kick butt woman in her methods—- lots of laughs for the reader on her first day at work. Then the pace of her search for a murderer in what had been set up to look like a suicide picks up and races to an exciting conclusion! Great read. I highly recommend it. – Doreen

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