Memoirs of a Dog Walker

Memoirs of a Dog Walker by April Jean LeiteBroke, facing divorce and bankruptcy, April, aged 35, is facing a dilemma.

Her new job at a corporate childcare center, leaves her feeling unfulfilled and empty. Even the pay rise can’t stop her from feeling miserable, especially since she had given up her photography career to support her musician ex-husband. It’s time for a career change, but what can she do?

Sitting in Central Park one day with her dog, Frances, April watches dog walkers go by and her new career choice is made. In spite of discouragement from friends and family with her decision to start a dog walking business, she persists with the idea.

April Jean Leite’s Memoirs of a Dog Walker follows her story as her business expands, presenting her with a world of opportunities, including finding love!

Amazon Reviews:

This is a quirky, funny, story about a woman who continues to try to tackle the gritty city of NYC as…of all things…a dog walker. Despite tragedy and obstacle, the central character of this story forges on. Also, the inside scoop about the peculiarities and details of dog walking are hilarious and insightful. – Jay Guilford

I loved this book! Her story was, at times heartbreaking, and I cannot imagine overcoming all that she faced. The author writes so candidly, with vulnerability, humor, and the wisdom that can only come through adversity such as hers. Incredible to know that this is a true story. I wish this were a movie! I am looking forward to reading more by her. – T. Ferrera

Leite does a great job of bringing into life what dog walkers deal with on the daily, traversing through the streets of NYC. The dogs in this novel (and cats…and maybe also the owners as well) all have their own quirks…with a mix of unintentional comedic timing, semi-controlled chaos, and unconditional affection! The author also does a good job of pulling us into her life….detailing her struggles…and her persistence in finding happiness in the face of what can only be called “effed up.” This is a solid debut novel for this author! – taiaja

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