Portrait (The Arts Series)

Portrait (The Arts Series) by Lily KaySierra Andrews has one hard and fast rule: Never fall in love. Because history has taught her that no attachments equal zero heartache.

If she only could suppress this pesky suspicion that perhaps there is someone she could trust. Thankfully she’s a realist, which means a relationship with Matt Howard would only end in disaster. Why?

He’s a rat-bastard.

He’s her roommate.

He’s her best friend.

Or he was her best friend until he decided to bump uglies with his advisor. Now Sierra and Matt can’t seem to get along, and their friends can’t handle the tension between them.

When Matt starts looking into his past, he’s forced to make some hard choices—with or without Sierra. Follow the clues where they lead him or leave well enough alone. And when forced to confront the growing tension between them, will Sierra break her cardinal rule for him, no matter the results? Because taking a chance on love might be the best decision of their lives.

Amazon Reviews:

The book is a good romance read. The story is a well written read. The characters are good. The story is emotional read, is about friendship, family, and love. – Kimberly

This is a poignant love story between Sierra and Matt. This is a well written story, which is emotional and about friendship, families, and love. I was totally intrigued and hooked throughout, and look forward to reading more from this talented author. – Wendy Livingstone

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