Vessel by Richie LeylandIn the town of Riverpeak, a group of childhood friends become divided after a tragedy occurs.

When they are reunited many years later, a meteorite carrying an alien organism crash lands and havoc ensues on the town. These friends are going to fight to survive as they face an unfathomable horror from another side of the universe. In the end, they are going to learn that terror comes in many different forms.

Amazon Reviews:

LOVED this book! Completely different from “Return” which is a profound indication of the author’s talents; to diversify and to write so well pertaining to different genres and subject matters. This book is very easy to read through because the story never hits a dull moment. Fast paced, and thought provoking. Highly recommended. – Lindsay Leyland

I loved reading Vessel, I could not put it down. I felt like I knew the characters and wanted to hang with them in real life. And since the plot was so compelling I wanted to plow through and see how all my new “friends” were doing. – Skye Malcolm

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