Liar’s Truth: Love Lies Within

Liars Truth Love Lies Within by K F RichardAnnabelle’s story starts off in the middle of a life changing situation, after ten years of marriage she discovers that her husband isn’t who she thought he was.

Having only one option left she goes to a man who she never thought she would have to ask for help again, the father of her child. There is an awful lot of water under the bridge between them, perhaps too much to wade through.

Needing his help causes a change between them, even though she always thought he was her enemy. When events transpire causing her to realise everything she thought was wrong, not only about her husband but also about everything else in her life. Looking at things in a whole new light she accepts that when moving forward with her life things have to change.

A love that was thought to be lost and gone soon creeps back in stronger than it ever had before. True love conquers all right? Well maybe but it still takes time for our heroine of this story to truly make decisions. With an ex-husband escaped from prison and a new husband desperately trying to keep her safe, she is torn between right and wrong far too many times.

Choosing her allies carefully she manages to get the better of the demons trying to keep her down. Marriage is never easy but with outside forces working against her it just makes life that much harder. From boat explosions, gunshots, stalking and much more to endure along the way. Annabelle has to get tough, and with a baby now on the way that might be hard.

Her new husband gives her the strength she needs to face her past once and for all in order to bury it. Proving that Love does win, but only the kind that is true. Discovering the difference between real and fake love is what eventually saves her from herself.

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