Bigger Gangsters

Bigger Gangsters by Aaron D McClellandDenny has a secret that could get him killed.

By day, Denny runs a city-wide drug network, selling weed, hash, and heroin to the growing hippie population. By night, he and his partner Frankie run an illegal gambling club and do odd jobs for their dapper crew chief Vic in the Di Napoli crime family.

Set amidst the psychedelic culture of 1969, Denny struggles to keep his drug network a secret from the disapproving Vic while being racked with guilt as he tries to help the only girl he’s ever loved kick her addiction to the heroin that is the source of his growing wealth.

When the brutal Dark Riders biker gang threatens to take it all away, Denny finds himself alone, not able to go to the family for help fending off the biker’s increasingly savage attacks. Denny knows that a war is coming and he will have to rely on his wits and strategy against an enemy who vastly outnumbers his few allies.

Can Denny prevent his entire world from collapsing around him and keep the people he loves safe? Or is he heading toward the ultimate crash?

Review Excerpts:

“… gives the reader a window into the nuts and bolts of organized crime in the late 1960s and the lives of those in it …”

“ … it’s about crime and criminals but under it is a love story that is profound and sweet …”

“… at times exciting, funny, hopeful, and heartbreaking …”

“… I was literally swept back in time …”

“… the story pulled me in. Great Read!”

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