Redemptive Love: A Second Chance Romance Novella (Love Transcends Book 1)

Redemptive Love: A Second Chance Romance Novella (Love Transcends Book 1) by Elle LinderHe gave her a heart-shaped baseball necklace and said he would love her forever. And he did.

Finding out her boyfriend had cheated on her, Kate Valencia finished high school, moved away, and became a force to be reckoned with in marketing. Ten years later, she’s shocked to see her ex-boyfriend Joseph walk past the window of a New York coffee shop.

Joseph played professional baseball for the Mariners. But all the fame, sex, and money never closed the hole left in his heart when Katie said goodbye. A chance reunion in New York City unearths all the old emotions, both sweet and bitter.

Kate and Joseph find themselves spiraling toward each other again. But will Kate’s caution and Joseph’s stubborn pride allow them to be together? And, when everything else in their lives seems to be going wrong, will they be able to weather the storm and come out in each other’s arms again?

– – –

From Elle Linder, the author of The One That Matters, comes a gritty novella about inherited double-standards and the redemption that can be received when the ugly truth is uncovered. Only forgiveness opens the door to a second chance at love.

***This is a standalone book in a linked series.***

Customer Reviews:

Great read and I can’t wait for the next book in the series! Elle Linder has a way of making you feel as if you are part of the story. Her descriptions are vivid and make her characters come to life. Great new author! – Kristi Housey (Goodreads Review)

There’s a sad reality in the Latin community, there is a wholly unfair double standard that permeates among men and women. Elle does a beautiful job of exploring that reality in her novel. Kate and Joseph will make you fall in love with them. You will find yourself rooting for them despite their own uncertainty about the relationship. You want to read this book, its its beautifully written. The characters are real and you can completely understand what each is going through whole wanting to strangle them both at times. – Marla Machado ( Review)

A fun time. second chance romance, novella. Katie does have a lot to figure out, don’t we all … lessons to learn so to speak. She does have the ability to pull in you, like you can see the story playing out around you. Lovely writing style. Enjoy her characters & ending. Will be sure to check out more book from her the future. – ElizrdbthSpeaks ( Review)

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