Chrome Mountain

Chrome Mountain by Ben SchneiderA dynamic, suspenseful thriller with a serious splash of humor…

Distressing visions of his revolutionary creation falling into the wrong hands compel inventor Trey Radisson to destroy his prototype before it can be replicated. But his priceless knowledge is now being sought by the Chromes—a malicious paramilitary force and the free world’s greatest threat.

When Trey resists the high-tech radicals and learns some of their secrets, his journey becomes a high-speed, roadblock-riddled chase. A brush with the extremists in Colorado leads to a mix-up that makes Trey the most wanted man in the nation. He is joined by Sonya McCall, a gun-toting biker fleeing from her own rocky past—and the only witness of what really went down in Colorado.

Now the zany duo must evade all who scour the country for them. They find hazard, hilarity, and horror at every turn as they search and pray for a way to reset their troubled lives.

Amazon Reviews:

The plot and pace of this book was enjoyable. – Lily

This is a great novel if you’re looking to go on an adventure with two unlikely ‘partners in crime’. If you’re a sci-fi fan who likes a bit of thrill, this would be a great read for you! – MarcieS

Action-packed and unique, with a redemption twist. Not my usual choice and a bit too out there for me but I can see others enjoying this. – Marina

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