Shanghai Story: A WWII Drama Trilogy Book One

Shanghai Story: A WWII Drama Trilogy Book One by Alexa Kang Number 1 Best Seller on Amazon.comA WWII saga in the heart of the world’s most decadent city in 1936. Enter the Paris of the East, where one man and one woman strive to hold on to their dreams as the Communists rise and the shadow of Japan closes in.

His country stood on the verge of a new beginning and the gate of hell. The Kuomintang promises the dawn of democracy, but the Communists threaten civil war while Japan’s unbridled ambitions loom.

All Clark Yuan wants is to see his fellow countrymen’s lives improve. He joins the KMT, hoping to play his part to make China a better place. He vows to Eden, the beautiful Jewish girl he admires from afar, Shanghai would be her forever home.

But power and money are at stake. The line of good and evil shifts. To achieve his ends, he must bargain with the devils. How much of his soul would he sacrifice to reach the greater good?


Fleeing the rise of the Nazis, Eden Levine came with her family to Shanghai, hoping to build a new life.

The dazzling city made her swoon. From the pinnacle of luxury, big band jazz, to a safe haven for Jewish refugees, the country that turns no one away is the beacon of hope. But behind the glitz and glamour, the darkness of human nature lurks.

A heinous crime shocks the international community.

Would she defend an innocent Nazi soldier and risk the ire of her own people? With only her new friend Clark by her side, could she defy the clutch of racial strife to see justice prevail?

“I dream of a day when all nations’ flags would fly in unity of peace. I dream of a world where no law or human divide would stop two people from falling in love.”

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From the author of the Rose of Anzio series, don’t miss this sweeping WWII tale of love, loss, and hope during one of the world’s darkest hours.

Amazon Reviews:

First of all, I follow this author due to her excellent writing and her characters. The scenery of Shanghai and the relationships of the characters were absolutely wonderful. I’m definitely looking forward to her next book. I wouldn’t miss it for anything! – Nurmi Hendricks

One of the best stories I have read this year. I have read all of Alexa Kang’s stories so I knew I had to purchase this one. Although I have been reading WW2-era fiction and non-fiction books for years I’m not that familiar with China during the 30s-40s, so this was extremely interesting. Fascinating read. Cannot wait for the next one. – Edward’s brunette

Shanghai Story is a new and refreshing genre of the Second World War. A young westernized Chinese student (Clark) and a Jewish refugee (Eden) meet in the city of Shanghai. Together they must learn to navigate the political fractions within the city and the age old divisions of race and tradition. As they trust in each other they come to realize that they must make their own way, a new way, which defies the old and embraces a new thinking. The history is vivid and the characters are believable. The book held my interest all the way through. I highly await the second book in the series and I would recommend this book to anyone. – Shirley McAllister

Well-developed character portraits portray the tension between being true to your heart and outside forces of tradition and culture. An absorbing and delightful way to enter into the history of Shanghai and China. Well worth the read. Looking forward to the next installment of this saga. – Richard Rosen

The first part draws you in immediately. You fall in love with the characters and wish the best for them as they later venture through relationship, family and work struggles. Added obstacles of the WWII time period complicate each character’s journey in unique and unexpected ways. These strong characters navigate their ways boldly through the corruption, segregation and injustice in Shanghai while keeping you hopeful throughout and rooting for them to succeed. This is a story of love, personal strength and justice. – JTGAS2013

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