Flippin’ Vibes!: A simple how to guide for a more positive life

Flippin' Vibes!: A simple how to guide for a more positive life by Ludi DMost of our lives, many of us live in a negative state. Many also lack the knowledge of how to change it.

I myself have battled with the hard knocks of life. Learning to change things for myself was a wonderful experience that had to be shared. With some great down to earth advice, you will be off to a good start.

This easy to read book will give you long needed ideas on just how to Flip your life from negative influences to positivity and peace.

If you’re feeling sad, depressed and lost all hope of ever climbing out, give these transforming steps a chance. You will be able to finally rest your mind, finally reaching peace that passes all understanding. Learn to get rid of compulsive negative thoughts that are controlling you with these simple steps.

We all learn from one another. After you are on your new track in life you too can share what you’ve learned.

About the Author:

Ludi D is experienced in the hard knocks of life. Growing up in a negative environment gave her the desire to find a better way. She enjoys sharing all the wonderful experiences found through these struggles. Wanting others to be able to climb out of hard times and join her in a more positive life is what inspired her to write this book. Believing in endless possibilities is something she never wavered from through good times and bad. Enjoy reading this easy to understand book to start your positive journey. You are on your way!

Amazon Reviews:

Well written and I enjoyed that Ludi shared some of her own personal experiences. Some of the suggestions in this book I already practice, but I walked away with quite a few new ideas and different ways of viewing various situations in my own life. I feel that many people could benefit from reading this book and living a more positive and happier life. So, what are you waiting for? Download it and start flippin’ those vibes! – K. Amos

Easy read, very practical guide to living a more positive, happy life. Highly recommended to anyone who is looking to living a positive, happy, and drama-free life style. – Joannie

I loved this book! It’s a revealing, thoughtful, thought provoking and inspirational book with great tips on “Flippin’ Vibes”. – S. Boss

An excellent introduction to starting a more positive life. Easy to read and welcoming to everyone regardless of age or background. – Michael Weston

This book really leaves me in one of those “I can do that” situations….Gives me the encouragement and tools I need – or rather helps me to find those within me – to conquer anything! Very insightful thoughts and suggestions that can inspire people to achieve their own happiness and self-fulfillment. Well written and inspiring. – Debbie Delahanty

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