The Switch

The Switch by David BillingsleyMacy Thompson is a highly successful executive and the owner of a multi-million-dollar Texas estate. She’s also divorced, alone, and in therapy.

The barometer of her success and failure is her childhood best friend—the seductive, popular, and carefree Nikki Owen.

But Macy has been comparing herself to a ghost. No one has seen Nikki in twenty-five years. Until now…

She’s back as the prosperous co-owner of a resort in the Idaho wilderness, a status Macy cannot accept. Their reunion leads to an impulsive wager. Switch places—prove who is the real success.

The bet unravels quickly. Nikki is not the Nikki of old. And a dead body in the mountains, an unforgiving apparition from Macy’s past, and the peculiar staff at the resort challenge Macy’s shot at besting her old friend.

Macy must win, but at what cost?

Emotional and edgy with a few twists, The Switch will make you wonder who is in control of your life…

Amazon Reviews:

An engaging tale with unexpected twists and turns throughout the story. The novel is adventurous and suspenseful with wonderful details about the characters and scene settings. The rivalry between two old friends plays out in a dramatic storyline with multiple characters leading to a surprising finale.  – Christina Baker

Fun read that kept me continuously engaged. The characters are so well developed – you really want to keep reading to know what’s going to happen to each of them. If you enjoy smart suspense, highly recommend. – Alan Gerard

A great book with great characters. The book brought out a lot of emotions and kept me very engaged throughout! Billingsley’s first book was very good and this one is great! – Brian S.

If you enjoy the murder/mystery/suspense novel genre, read The Switch immediately. The novel has several surprise twists and turns in store for the characters and therefore the reader. I had a hard time putting the book down, as the end of each chapter left me wanting to know what happened next. A real asset to the novel is the author’s deft hand at describing the Idaho wilderness, a landscape Billingsley clearly knows well. The scenes for some of the novels most important and climactic scenes are set so well that you’ll fell like you’re there. – ER008

In keeping with Billingley’s proven skill at description and his obvious intimate knowledge of the areas he writes about, “The Switch” is another winner! He does a great job setting up the story with credible character building and flowing dialog that’s very believable. But then he kicks it into an even higher gear with his beautifully descriptive words that expertly paint a picture of the Idaho wilderness. He skillfully builds the tension in the story, one paragraph at a time, until it finally reaches the mind-blowing, never-saw-it-coming climax. Another page-turner you can’t put down. Billingsley has done it again! Invest some time in this story. You won’t be disappointed. – Amazon Customer

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