A Family Secret

A Family Secret by Kennedy CrossIt’s been there all along. The truth, hiding in plain sight.

Claire Brooks’ whole world is turned upside-down upon the apparent suicide of her beloved father. With no one to lean on, she only wants to bury herself in her work. But when it looks like the suicide might really be a carefully crafted murder, Claire puts her career as a homicide detective on hold to return home in search of answers.

As she begins to question everything she once knew, it seems like Liam Carter, the new guy in town, might be her only refuge from such painful questions. Not only is he strikingly handsome and talented, but Liam is tender, charming, and understands her pain more than most. But that’s because he is running from pain of his own. As the truth begins to catch up with them, they’ll only be able to survive together.

Amazon Reviews:

Solid book with unexpected twists—finding the connections throughout the story for Claire really keeps the story moving. – Laura L. Meyer

This was an awesome story. It kept my interest from the first page to the last! It included family drama, danger, loss and romance. Had me wondering several times if Claire would figure things out. – Lisa Picciano

I loved the intrigue, the fact that Claire refused to succumb to the beliefs of the reason for her father’s death. Liam and Claire finding good each other was the catalyst of ending the evil. Fantastic weaving of events in this mystery. – Cindy H

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