The Victor: A Black Force Thriller (Black Force Shorts Book 1)

The Victor A Black Force ThrillerGovernment operative James Xu arrives in the peaceful suburb of Greenpoint on a stormy night in Brooklyn, New York.

Tasked with infiltrating a mysterious tournament run by shadowy underworld figures, he understands the likelihood of having to use his extensive combat experience is high. As a solo warrior for the division known only as Black Force, he’s accustomed to being thrown to the wolves.

But nothing could have prepared him for what he finds in an unassuming residential townhouse…

Hard hitting. Fast paced. Quick, explosive thrill rides. Black force shorts by Matt Rogers.

Amazon Reviews:

It was short and action packed. Just the way I like certain kinds of books. I look forward to the next installment. – Claudette Adler

This book jumps into action immediately and kept me reading late into the night to finish! Exciting and fun read! Another Black Ops specialist, but has a different, maybe more vulnerable existence which made me not certain of how the book would play out. It is amazing how Matt Rogers continues to entertain us. This is a must read!!! – Pete D

But, he’s one of the good guys! James Xu is a Black Force Operator, working in the shadows with no recognition for a job well done. He and other operators take care of problems for the U.S. Government. They have unique skills. Xu, for instance, can think and plan faster than the next guy. For this mission, he is given little information, but he knows it could be as dangerous as stopping a nuclear attack on New York! – Susan1

Wow, imagine you are told to take another’s identity, and attend a ‘Tournament’ ,as that person but you know nothing about it…What are you walking into…So goes life for a Black Ops agent, working with no acknowledgement from others for a deep place in our government. This is the first in a series by an author who takes suspense,fear, action and adventure and the results of the mix spill across the page effortlessly.  – Kathryn A Defranc

Matt Rogers is becoming my “go to” man for action. I will say it again from my previous reviews, “this is not my genre of choice”, I will grab any book from “BlackForce”. I’ve read them all and enjoyed every one. Each man in the series has his own personality which brings something different to each book. I’m lucky enough to be part of Matt’ ARC’s group. In return I write a fair and honest review. I review for the reader because that’s how I make my book purchases. My obligation is to give you my honest take on a book. If you’re an action nut, you can’t go wrong with this series. – C. A. Gisone

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