Her Lover’s Face

Her Lovers Face by Patricia ElliottIf her husband is rotting in hell, then who is the man standing in front of her with a dead man’s face?

Laryssa Mitchell is one of the lucky ones. The death of her abusive husband finally allows her to live again on her own terms, making her own choices. Her first official decision is to take back what was lost – her independence and her old job. But she soon finds herself in a living nightmare when she meets her new boss. If her husband is rotting in hell, then who is the man standing in front of her with a dead man’s face?

Alexander Richards doesn’t expect to catch an unconscious woman in his arms on his first day of work, nor does he envision himself willingly setting foot in a hospital again, reliving his painful loss. But that’s exactly what he chooses to do when Laryssa needs his help. Why?

She has a story to tell. He has a mystery to solve. In the midst of danger, passion sizzles between them, taking them by surprise. What will happen when all is brought to light? Will they be able to overcome their traumatic pasts and find love in each other, or will their ghosts have the final say?

Amazon Reviews:

Amazing story! Great read! Well done! – Pug Mom

Ran out of time review to come. But I will say it’s a must read! – Carlie

Going through the moments with the characters as if your experiencing what they are is crazy. I would recommend this book 1000 times. Beautifully written. – Kay-Kay

This book has it all. Romance, suspense, action. The characters really had to move mountains to get to the happily ever after. The journey was an interesting one. I was glad I went along for the ride. Five stars! – Suzanne Smith

This book was a surprise. A nice one. I had expected a fairly classic contemporary romance with an alpha male at the centre, not that there is anything wrong with that. But oh, no. This is one author who isn’t afraid to push the boundaries. A 24 week pregnant heroine? With twins? The father is not the hero? Not your run of the mill romance, then. Without giving too much away, there is plenty in that tender, passionate story to keep the reader satisfied – unlike the characters, who have to battle hard to gain their happily ever after. Family secrets and present dangers combine to throw obstacles in their path before they learn to finally let go of the past and win each other’s hearts. I liked the secondary characters, too – unusually for this type of story, you get to see the action at times from their point of view, which makes them fully realized, flesh and blood protagonists. – Markie Mark

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