Buzzards: Legend of Johnee Crow

Buzzards: Legend of Johnee Crow by M. S. NightingaleThe sun no longer shines in the community of Muskrat. Tempestuous clouds rolled in weeks ago, as buzzards began gathering in alarming numbers, driving citizens indoors.

Investigative journalist Adele Irving travels hundreds of miles to investigate mysterious lights, constant pounding, unrelenting moaning like tortured souls in eternal agony, blood-curdling screams that keep the entire community on edge – and, the disappearing citizens.

Will Adele and the local sheriff with the “bedroom eyes” unravel depraved secrets that have brought Muskrat’s buzzards home to roost and the horrifying revenge of a century-old curse?

Contains adult situations.

Amazon Reviews:

Extremely intriguing! I didn’t want to put it down! MS is an excellent storyteller… It’s as though I know the characters personally. A must read for murder and mystery lovers! – Laurie Anderson

Great, easy read! Author’s eloquence enables you to keep the pages turning as you wait for what’s happening next in the small town. Perfectly descriptive, allowing you to feel as if you were there. Adult situations brought a blush! Very creative read with a lot of action! – April Jamison

I’ve read quite a few of Ms. Nightingale books so I had a good idea of what I was getting into. ‘Buzzards: Legend of Johnee Crow’ is an entertaining dark tale with a cute little romance forming along the way. Because of some explicit sexual descriptions, I’d recommend for adults only. I enjoyed the book. It had been a while since I’d read a mix of mystery and horror and I was greatly pleased with this one. This was a quick read. The mystery made me want to know what would happen next. The descriptions were fun. Friendly warning: do not read if you are hungry. Ms Nightingale excels in food descriptions and every time the characters were eating, it made me salivate. Overall, a fun woman sleuth with three dimensional characters, interesting plot, and great ending. This would certainly make a great movie. – Miri

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