The Forgotten Note: Book I of the Adventures of the Para Club Gang

The Forgotten Note Book I of the Adventures of the Para Club Gang by By Anna Mayfair-DiazAn exciting, fantasy adventure about a college student by the name of Annette Kings in San Francisco, who is haunted by a recurring dream of Paris in the Nazi era; until one day, she buys a vintage suitcase that is mysteriously connected with her visions.

As they investigate the clues, the intrigue leads her orphan nephew Ivan, and his buddies into a dangerous thriller throughout Europe. Come and find “The Forgotten Note” with the Para Club Gang and get ready to run for your life from the demon killer!

From the Author:

The behind the scenes of this novel is actually very significant in its creation.  My son had to submit a project for his science class, and our friend Paul, and pilot mentor, helped my son with the project. They decided to create the process of how an air foil works in aviation; and thus, they really did buy an old suitcase at a thrift shop to carry their stuff. I happened to find an old paper that was a copy of an old man’s passport inside a side pocket of the suitcase.  The photo of the man and the suitcase really intrigued me, and originally, I had titled the novel, “The Lost Suitcase.”It really haunted me all this time until I wrote the novel.

From the Inside Flap:

What will the old suitcase that Annette Kings found, lead her, and her nephew Ivan, to discover in their summer European trip to the Scherdorf Castle? The whispers of the suitcase are taking over their lives, until they find out the truth about the Count and his lover, Genevieve.

Amazon Reviews:

Intriguing, suspenseful, masterfully weaving fact and fiction, humor and drama, San Francisco and France. – Amazon Customer

Great book! Many twists and turns. Keeps you guessing until the end. Lovable characters. – Gail Roth

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