Retribution Hospice

Retribution Hospice by M. S. Nightingale ... Where bad doctors go to pay for their sins... Where bad doctors go to pay for their sins…

Young Camila Torres has almost achieved it all — her education, her dream job as an accountant, her own self-remodeled and whimsically-decorated cottage, and, she is happily planning her wedding to Lucio Herrera.

Then a weekend holiday visit with family sets her on a path that threatens everything she has worked for.

From the Author:

This book is dedicated to those who have needlessly suffered at the hands of professionals entrusted with their care and well-being, though no work of horror fiction could begin to realistically compare with the horrors of living with chronic illness.

Amazon Reviews:

This book was so different from others I’ve read, and I read a LOT. A sad story, but the end was terrific! I’ve only written one review before, so I’m not really sure what to write. All I know is the author is one of my very favorites now. And this book, while not for everyone, was a very satisfying read. – Rose Mary

M.S. Nightingale is an author that you can truly count on bringing you great suspense. I’ve read every book she’s written, and none of them have disappointed. Retribution Hospice brings you true romance, shock, sadness, and a twisted ending. Although, fictional, this truly does happen to people in the healthcare system! You may find that you’ve been through the same nightmare. – Amazon Customer

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