The Octunnumi: Fosbit Files Prologue

The Octunnumi by Trevor Alan ForisBefore things there is thought; before thought there is Tarelen; before Tarelen there is…

The Octunnumi does not exist. Fosbit and any files relating to a Fosbit do not exist. The Tarelen peoples that protect and provide sanctuary for the Avitens of Fethrist are not real.

The abilities of the Tarelen peoples with their heightened skills, living in their Utopian world are myth, their purpose here mere tales; rumours of their reincarnations enabling them to live many lives… ridiculous!

And there is definitely no magic. None at all. No, really, there isn’t. Magic is not a thing. There are also no hidden worlds or mythical beings coexisting just out of sight. Equally, there are no secret access points to these hidden worlds that don’t exist, and there is no ‘unfinished business from the past’ that is set to destroy, anything. There is no disaster looming.

Anyway, regardless of any potential threat that may or may not be present, this publication, The Octunnumi and any reference to any other beings is a work of fiction. And for the record, Scariodintts, should they exist, are perfectly lovely beings whose purpose in life is grossly misunderstood.

About the series:

Trevor Alan Foris is currently halfway through the second of many, many books that are The Octunnumi, a just out of sight, doesn’t really exist world of mythical creatures and magic.

Of course the mythical creatures take great issue with this title as they are of course not mythical at all, being the native inhabitants of the planet Earth way before – well a long time ago; and as for magic, there is no such thing.

Like the aforementioned non-mythical creatures, the abilities of the Tarelen peoples are in no way magical.

After all, mind control, telepathic communication, telekinetic control over objects is no different to any one of us breathing and is that considered magic? No, of course not, although a rock might disagree.

Goodreads Reviews:

The Octunnumi Fosbit Files Prologue by Trevor Alan Foris is not your usual sci-fi/fantasy. The plot is one of a kind and implementation of the theme is equally unique: so much so that reading it makes you feel as if it’s written by someone from some another planet. Yes, literally! – litandcoffee

I am really impressed with the presentation of this book. Even if you don’t buy the book it is worth looking just to see how beautiful it is here. As the title states this is the prologue, yes the whole book, and is unsurprisingly laying the foundations for subsequent books. The fantasy setting has a satisfying amount of world building throughout and whilst the end is obviously a cliff-hanger, leaving lots of unanswered questions I thoroughly enjoyed the journey into this new world. – Beckymay

Buy the book:

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