Unraveled, Time to Tell

Unraveled, Time to Tell by Lisa LynnUnraveled, Time to Tell is about a life of secrets turned into heart-opening revelations from God and how a questionable death can change life and leave a young girl vulnerable and unwanted.

This change leads to many consequences and puts in front of her choices she was unaware of and ashamed of. This girl lived her married life concealing these secrets, even from her own children.

This memoir tells us how her life of abusive, undesired, and unexpected actions could be replaced with joy, peace, and encouragement from God through His Word and His revelations. It includes help from Gods Word that will be an inspiration to anyone who reads it.

Her now-grown children heard for the first time her life’s details through this book her letter to them. Their responses included wow, shocking, incredible to have survived, and a testimony of Gods redemption.

Other comments included:

A true inspiration, I could have never walked in my mom’s shoes.
A positive woman that never let the negative get to her.
It’s a truthful tale of one girl going through life seemingly by herself, striving to survive and revealing those experiences through her own writing of her personal life.

Beginning with Chapter 1, The Darkest Day, you will read of her details and decisions, and hear the descriptions of how God revealed each meaning along with Biblical truths throughout. After all the unraveling, all she was shown, she now has to share. Jeremiah 20:9

Amazon Reviews:

If you want a sincere and transferable example of what it means to seek and find a vibrant relationship with God, even in the midst of great pain and disruption, you’ll resonate with the message of this book. – Chuck Williams

Such a wonderful testimony about life and the struggles we all may be able to relate to in certain situations throughout life here on Earth. Prayer is powerful and the Lord will never leave you. We all suffer at some point, but you are not alone! Great read! Highly recommend, especially to those who feel lost or hopeless! – Crystal walker

This is quite a story and very well-told by the young lady involved–which had to be extremely difficult. I will read it again so that I can digest some of the scriptures, etc. better. I will recommend it to every one. – Mrs Carol D. Robison

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