Olivia: A Summer of Second Chances (The Harris Legacy Book 1)

Olivia A Summer of Second Chances The Harris Legacy Book 1 by Jasper TreyOlivia has no intention of starting an affair. She wants a beach, some sun, and to be left alone.

It’s been more than a year since her husband died and she’s spent most of that time helping everyone else heal. This vacation is for her, but taking a beer to a stranger at the insistence of the staff, and making a five-minute friend? That won’t cut into her time to much, right?

How do you adjust to palace life when you’ve been a soldier for ten years? For Dante it’s flying halfway around the world to a beach where no one knows who you are. He’s been called home to fulfill his duty to family and country, filling the princely roll he left ten years before when he joined the military. His father gives him mere weeks to figure out how to adjust to royal life again.

Neither is looking for anything more than a friend in a remote land, but after spending a week together, will they really be able to walk away and find their happy ever after with someone else?

Romance meets duty in this modern day love story. Can Dante convince Olivia to take a chance on a future with him, or will Olivia’s past hold her back?

Amazon Reviews:

I loved the main female character! Very strong and Independent – Also male lead was just as great! Can’t wait for the daughter’s story. – Kindle Customer

A very character driven story and all about the interactions between Olivia and Dante. Not an over the top, in your face, throwing money around kind of story. But there is still the comforts afforded by royalty. – Jennifer

Beginning to end, ‘Olivia’ locked in my interest with deep character development & intriguing romance. The detailed accounts of the winery & farm are the icing on the cake. Highly recommend! – Jenny Schweigert

Loved this story! The characters are written to be very real! You can easily visualize the events described. It kept me reading and wanting more! I’m looking forward to the next chapter of The Harris Legacy. – Lori Cloud

Olivia was on a much needed beach vacation to find herself again, after losing her husband. So she decided to take a chance on Dante by offering him a beer. When Dante sees Olivia’s curvy body he is lost, but he doesn’t want to tell her just yet that he is a prince. I love how this story held me from start to finish. I like love that it is not your typical love story. Can’t wait to read more. – Andrea McCormick

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