Everyday Cooking: Real Life, Real Food, Real People

Everyday Cooking by Sandra KatanicThis book is all about cooking with everyday ingredients, using simple recipes to make cooking easy.

Sandra Katanic is a chef who loves to teach and educate people on everyday cooking, and her passion is to give people tools to eat better while still maintaining their busy lifestyle.

Her book features how she likes to cook during the week as well as tips and tricks to save time, make substitutions and pre-plan.

Most of the recipes are classic dishes with her own spin.  Please enjoy this book and enjoy cooking.

Amazon Reviews:

Great book with tons of pictures. I would actually make these dishes! – Mark Gillen

This cookbook has recipes that are easy to follow. Can’t wait to try them all. – Raluca Tudor

Love this cook book! I’ve already tried the Creamy Cucumber Salad and it was simple and perfect! It’s full of easy recipes for those with a busy life! – Amazon Customer

Fantastic cookbook! Easy but elegant recipes to serve your family or dinner guests. This cookbook is going to become your regular “go to” for fast, delicious meals. The book offers a picture with every recipe (which I love). It truly offers something for everyone no matter what your eating preference (meat, meatless, vegetarian, vegan). Highly recommend! – Shelley W.

If you are looking for a simple to follow, non-fussy cookbook to turn to on busy weekdays, then this is the book for you. There are great tips in the introduction section, and book contains a nice variety of regionally inspired recipes. The dishes that I have created so far are delicious, and it’s easy to make substitutions to tailor to your personal tastes. Accompanying each recipe is a color photo of the finished dish – a nice extra touch. Looking forward to Sandra’s next cookbook! – Cheryl D.

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