SEO Hacks for Authors Who Want to Increase Book Sales

SEO Hacks for Authors Who Want to Increase Book SalesThis simple step-by-step guide will walk you through the necessary steps in selecting powerful keywords and short phrases to enhance your book listings on Amazon and other online marketplaces—helping you to sell even more books!

The topics covered in this guide include: Where to Begin Your Keyword Search, How to Pinpoint Keywords and Short Phrases, The Simple SEO Equation You Need To Know, Acquiring the Data You Need For Your SEO Equation, How to Effectively Analyze Your SEO Data, How to Make Amazon’s Search Engine Work to Promote Your Books, How to Write a Keyword Dense Description, How To Discover Trends, How to Discover Hidden Book Markets, Additional Free Tools to Help Maximize Your SEO, and so much more!

Editorial Review:

SEO Hacks for Authors Who Want to Increase Book Sales (Self-Publishing Hacks 3) by T. Buburuz is a must-read for self-publishers. Self-publishing is popular, widespread, and a way for all writers to become published authors, but the selling of self-published books is often difficult, fruitless, and disappointing. If you are a self-published author and want to learn how to market your book to optimize maximum sales on Amazon, this is the book for you.

Through T. Buburuz’s concise and easy to follow instructions, which are complete with examples, self-published authors learn how to find the specific keywords that will take their book to the top of the list for the most exposure, how to use the best keywords to their highest advantage, and ultimately sell more books.

The book provides step-by-step instructions and explains not only how to evaluate potential keywords to find the words that get the most attention, but also how to work them into your book’s description and title. Authors who follow these suggestions, according to T. Buburuz, have the best chance of successfully marketing and selling their self-published books. Not all writers know how to market their book and find the prospect daunting and nearly impossible to accomplish. The encouragement and helpful suggestions to aspiring authors found in SEO Hacks for Authors Who Want to Increase Book Sales are important and necessary to the success of self-published authors. I give this excellent book five stars. – Geree McDermott for Readers’ Favorite

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