Arklight: Operation Nightfall

Arklight Operation NightfallA cryptic legend… A fractured truth…

Arklight, the best kept secret in the U.S. arsenal impacts our world, revealing a power that exists independent of time. While on mission to capture the most wanted terrorist, Arklight’s Spear Team unearths a remarkable conspiracy. The mysterious interaction leads the team to locate a dangerous truth, including a plot to locate a weapon of immense potential. An encounter beyond belief forces the team back in time, one day into the Allied assault on Bizerte, Tunisia. They soon discover an extraordinary purpose, forming an uneasy alliance of necessity.

In 1943, Hitler’s deranged attempt to conquer Europe, and beyond, stands on the fringe of reality, but Arklight provides the world a chance to alter destiny itself. Broken men experience a brutal truth, unlike anything before it in human history, creating an incredible revelation. The past we have always known becomes a paradox of faith, reshaping fact and reality. An ancient calling comes to light, uncloaking a dark enemy’s ominous plan to destroy all things.

Amazon Reviews:

The author had me at chapter one. It’s very difficult for me to sit still long enough to finish a book in any length of time but “Operation Nightfall” had me wanting more. A great read for anyone liking fictional history. – Chris G.

Tom Clancy meets Dan Brown. The military and tactical accuracy is worthy of the best military authors, and the pace of action and brilliantly structured tension would be enough to make this book a winner. But overlay a metaphysical mystery which will keep you guessing and Googling historical factoids (they all check out!). Non-Christians, don’t be deterred. While clearly written by a believing warrior (TYFYS), the story requires no basic piety to follow, and the conclusion will blow your mind regardless of your faith tradition, or lack thereof. Strongly recommended! – Jackie

If you enjoy fiction, this book will more than satisfy. If you enjoy history, read this one. If you enjoy action adventure, buy this book. I’m not an avid fiction reader, but frankly, couldn’t put this book down. The author researched his topic well and introduced real, historic facts into his fictional story line. I was extremely impressed with the technical and military facts referenced. I understand Mr. Myrick is writing a sequel and I look forward to reading it when released. He’s an excellent storyteller. – Jim Forex

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