Drama Free Dating: Learn From Others, So You Can Stop Wasting Your Time

Drama Free Dating by Camie L. Vincent, L.P.C., L.M.H.C.Another disappointing date have you feeling down? Do you wonder if you’ll ever find true love?

Drama Free Dating will not only broaden your perspective on many different aspects of dating, but it will help you conquer all of those feelings and put you on a path toward finding a partner who is right for you. Dating norms have changed over the past decade, leaving many singles lost and confused. It’s time for fresh, updated information that will help connect today’s singles. The objective of Drama Free Dating is to simplify the dating process and to raise the bar, therefore, leading to healthier, loving relationships. It explores many different areas, such as:

Does it seem like you keep dating the same person over and over again?
Can a “friends with benefits” scenario eventually lead to love?
When dating becomes dangerous and red flags to watch out for.

This book will support you by leading you to the best version of yourself! Someone who is open, ready to meet someone amazing, and—DRAMA FREE.

Amazon Reviews:

This is like no other dating book I have ever read. So much great advice with such humor and class. I couldn’t put it down. Really great read. – Tony

I recently went back into the dating world. I realized quickly that instead of fun it was becoming stressful because I didn’t feel confident in my approach. This book was very helpful in restoring a sense of confidence because it gives objective examples of different women, and this way you can see the likely results that you may achieve as a result of the choices you make. – RG

This is a very informational and well thought out book. Coming from a fellow single person, I can relate to this book in so many ways. Not only does it have surveys and thoughts from both sexes (allowing you to see from their perspective), but it also gives clinical reasons for change in relationships and tells how to resolve those things that cause conflicts. Before I finished the book, I already had a list of people I wanted to buy it for. I highly recommend adding it to your self-help read… even for married couples. – Lisa Ellis

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